VERDA was formed in the 1970s as VECTRA, by a group of Vermont distance riders and drivers who organizeda couple of Competitive Trail Rides. One of the first was the January Thaw, a 25 mile ride and drive that still takes place inMid January in South Woodstock Vermont. Our membership ranges from novices to USET and USEF competitors. You can set your goals to enjoy a 15 to 25 mile CTR, conquera multi day 50, 60 or 100 miler or ride your own pace fast or slow in endurance. The sports motto is "To Finish is to Win". Our coveted award is "Best Condition" and High Mileage Horse.Mud Ride

The purpose and mission of VERDA is to host competitive trail rides and drives, endurance rides, and clinics to better the performance and health of the trail horse and it's rider. Today we sanction 4 competitive rides, 2 competitive drives, 2 endurance rides,
a pleasure ride, a clinic and an awards banquet. Our events are also sanctioned and follow rules set by ECTRA ; East Coast Trail Riding Association and by AERC; the American Endurance Riding Conference.

Enjoy our site, Explore more about our sport and come join us at our next event.


VERDA Board of Directors

President...Douglas Bejarano
Vice President...Ray Johnson
Treasurer...Barbara Gerstner
Secretary...Donna Boroff


Dan Boyer
Ruth Ferland
Polly Smith

Mission Statement

A. VERDA is an organization to promote the riding and driving of equines on Vermont roads and trails.

B. VERDA will strive to improve equine rides and drives in Vermont by providing educational information on the use of equines, rides and drives.

C. VERDA will encourage the growth in popularity of competitive and pleasure riding and driving to include the physically handicapped and youth.

D. VERDA will promote the preservation of trails in Vermont.

E. VERDA will encourage, help and provide guidance and education in the selection, care and good use of trail and driving equines.

F. VERDA will encourage the establishment and perpetuation of well- managed trail rides and drives that are conducted and judged under standard rules.

G. VERDA will promote the development and protection of suitable trails in Vermont for the use of and enjoyment by equines, riders and drivers.

H. VERDA will formulate educational programs and publicize other activities of local riding clubs, associations, and enthusiasts.

I. VERDA will maintain a scholarship fund to be maintained by donations and 10% of the profit from all VERDA events. Members may apply for scholarship funds to help offset the cost of novice as well as elite competitions – primarily to promote the growth of juniors in competitions, and also senior members who may compete at the more elite levels of competition.

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